The idea for this adventure of ours started, when their daughter Emilie was born in May 2014. Their little peanut deserved only the best, and since they could not find hair bows that met their quality standards, they decided to produce these themselves.

The main problems, they saw, was the metal clips containing too much nickel, and the clips being used having teeth, which cut and damage the delicate hair of our children. They also could not find the variety in styles and colors, they were looking for.

They decided to change that and only use nickel free metal, certified OEKO-TEX® ribbon and only hairstylist-grade alligator clips with no teeth, but strong enough to stay put in the thinnest of hair and even very short hair. They also decided to offer many different styles and colors to match every outfit. They also offer two collections containing authentic Liberty of London fabric, as this is ever classic and stylish, the best quality and also certified OEKO-TEX®

Their name, Milledeux, derives from their initial idea to call our brand Emilie et Les Deux Chiens, meaning Emilie and the two dogs. Emilie is their little peanut, and the two dogs are her two brown Labradors, Rumle and Fister, who are her best friends. Their universe is built around all the fun things the three of them are up to. The original name was however lengthy and difficult to pronounce, so we decided to go with a short version – Mille, because that is Emilie’s nickname, and deux for the two dogs – Milledeux.

Since quality is one of the most important parameters for them, they ensure that all their products meet their high quality standards.

All of their products are handmade, using only the best materials.

Company information:

Milledeux ApS
Traverbanevej 10
DK-2920 Charlottenlund
CVR no. 36 43 07 37

Ta kontakt

My Sister`s agency

Snarøyveien 30L /Norwegian fashion center

Showrom 1F-04 (1.etg.) 



Tlf: +47 92 65 92 95 



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