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Our contemporary lines of footwear have dressed children since 1998. Always crafted in natural materials of the highest quality that keep up with the magical life of little explorers.

  • Scandinavian design heritage built on the principles of practicality, minimalism, beauty and quality

  • Classic and enduring footwear, created in muted, naturally dyed colors with a glimpse of seasonal bright

  • Constant pursuit toward improving our sustainable profile


 Believe in sustainable products, ecological materials and methods minimizing the hundreds of toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. We strive to promote a safe and healthy life for our children at the earliest stage possible, whilst humbly trying to make our planet a cleaner place to live.

Ta kontakt

My Sister`s agency

Snarøyveien 30L /Norwegian fashion center

Showrom 1F-04 (1.etg.) 



Tlf: +47 92 65 92 95 



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